Our story

At Espadril, we are passionate about preserving the timeless Spanish art of crafting espadrilles and introducing it to the world. Our journey begins with the authentic "esparto" rope soles, carefully made in Spain. 


Our pride lies in our all-female team, including our founders, Rizqah and Patricia. Together, we embrace the heritage of handmade espadrilles, ensuring that each pair is meticulously crafted to order. In a world where traditional craftsmanship is fading away, we stand firm in our commitment to this art form. We believe that every customer deserves the highest quality and most durable espadrilles possible. Our years of experience have nurtured countless happy customers who vouch for the excellence of our products. Embrace the beauty of handmade espadrilles and become a part of the Espadril family - a celebration of passion, culture, and timeless style.


The Founders

Patricia and Rizqah came together through their work in luxury brands before striking a friendship that cemented their future as a team.