Size Chart

Size chart
Espadril Sandals are true to size, so if you usually take a size 5, then in most cases, please order a size 5. 
To further customize your fit, please select your foot type when ordering. 

How to select your Foot Type:

Narrow: This is a size down, select if your foot is quite narrow. 
Regular: This is true to size and a standard fit.
Broad: This is a size up, select if your foot is quite broad. 
Extra Wide: This is two sizes up, so definitely gives you much more room for a better fit on a broad foot. 

To further assist you with the sizing, refer to our size chart below:
SIZE               LENGTH OF SANDAL (cm)
  1.                  24cm 
  2.                  24,6cm
  3.                  25,5cm 
  4.                  26cm 
  5.                  26,5cm 
  6.                  27,3cm